Idealisiertes Profil zur Identifizierung von Rampen und Gleitbahnen im Liegenden und Hangenden

MGEO104 Tektonik, Modulteil Bilanzierte Profile

Blockkurs 19.02. - 23.02.2024​
Idealisiertes Profil zur Identifizierung von Rampen und Gleitbahnen im Liegenden und Hangenden
Abbildung: Wilkerson & Dicken, 2001

Modul MGEO104 Tektonik, Modulteil Bilanzierte Profile, LV-Nr. 50040, 3 ECTS Punkte

Instructors: Kamil Ustaszewski & Philipp Balling

This course conveys theoretical concepts and practical hints for the geometric restoration of geological cross sections. It consists of lectures and “hands-on” exercises using synthetic examples and real case studies, as well as computer-aided 2D and 3D structural modelling techniques.

Schedule: The course will be held from Monday till Friday in 15 units à 90 minutes.


  • units 1-3: review of basic kinematic deformation modes, definitions & concepts of line and area balancing, geometries and kinematics of fault-related folding, Interpolation and extrapolation methods for cross section constructions.
  • units 4-6: „rules of thumb“ in section balancing, line-length balanced flexural-slip restoration techniques in contractional settings.
  • units 7-9: area-balancing techniques in contractional settings, fault-bend vs. fault-propagation folding, trishear fault-propagation folding.
  • units 10-12: duplexes, restoration techniques in thick-skinned tectonics, oblique simple-shear restoration and fault-prediction techniques in extensional settings.
  • units 13-15: computer-aided forward- & backward-modelling of fault-related structures, 2D and 3D geometrical modelling with commercially available software.

Required material:
A4 transparent paper, A4 millimeter scale paper, set square with integrated protractor, ruler, drafting compass, curvimeter, pocket calculator, pencils & colour pencils, equal-area hemisphere projection („Schmidt-net“). Further course material will be provided in printed form.

Course language & registration
German or, upon request, English. Please register in Friedolin or contact if you’re not based in Jena.


Download the flyer (PDF)pdf, 165 kb