Rofangebirge, Tirol


Hier sind aktuelle Veröffentlichungen mit Beteiligung unserer Arbeitsgruppe aufgelistet.
Rofangebirge, Tirol
Foto: Kamil Ustaszewski

Veröffentlichungen mit Beteiligung der AG Strukturgeologie

  • 2024

    Jamšek Rupnik, P., Atanackov, J., Horn, B., Mušič, B., Zajc, M., Grützner, C., Ustaszewski, K., Tsukamoto, S., Novak, M., Milanič, B., Markelj, A., Ivančič, K., Novak, A., Jež, J., Žebre, M., Bavec, M., & Vrabec, M. (2024). Revealing Subtle Active Tectonic Deformation: Integrating Lidar, Photogrammetry, Field Mapping and Geophysical Surveys to Assess the Late Quaternary Activity of the Sava Fault (Southern Alps, Slovenia). Remote Sensing, 16, Link.

    Prince, E., Tsukamoto, S., Grützner, C., Vrabec. M. & Ustaszewski, K. (2024): Not too old to rock: ESR and OSL dating methods reveal Quaternary activity of the Periadriatic Fault. Earth, Planets and Space, 76:85, doi: 10.1186/s40623-024-02015-6Externer Link.

  • 2023

    Abdrakhmatov, K., Berezina, A., Walker, R., Frolova, F., Grützner, C., Grebennikova, V., Pershina, E., Sokolova, N., & Moldobekova, S. (2023): Earthquakes of KyrgyzstanExterner Link. 170 p. National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Institute of Seismology. ISBN 978-9967-12-952-8.

    Balling, P., Tomljenović, B., Herak, M. & Ustaszewski, K. (2023): Impact of mechanical stratigraphy on deformation style and distribution of seismicity in the central External Dinarides: a 2D forward kinematic modelling study. Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 116, doi: 10.1186/s00015-023-00437-0Externer Link.

    Dichtl, M., Grützner, C. & Ustaszewski, K. (2023): Genese des Schlangengipses im Thüringer Zechstein. Beitr. Geol. Thür., N.F. 28, 47-90Externer Link.

    Diercks, M.-L., Grützner, C., Welte, J. & Ustaszewski, K. (2023): Challenges of geomorphologic analysis of active tectonics in a slowly deforming karst landscape (W Slovenia and NE Italy). Geomorphology, 440, 108894, Link

    Ebell, H,. Grützner, C. & Ustaszewski, K. (2023): Genese der Faltung und der Fasergipse des Salinarröts am Ostrand der Thüringer Mulde. Beitr. Geol. Thür., N.F. 28, 91-125Externer Link.

    Grützner, C., Baize, S., & Papanikolaou, I. (2023): Earthquake Geology and Seismic Hazards: From Earthquake Mapping of Historical and Prehistoric Earthquakes to Paleoseismology. Quaternary International 651, 1-5. Link.

    Löwe, G., Prelević, D. & Ustaszewski, K. (2023): A first attempt at a provenance study in the Jadar block, Serbia, by means of U-Pb zircon geochronology. Geološki Anali Balkanskogo Poluostrva, 84(1), 17-31, doi: 10.2298/GABP230303005LExterner Link.

    Luino, F., Barriendos, M., Gizzi, F. T., Glaser, R., Gruetzner, C., Palmieri, W., Porfido, S., Sangster, H., & Turconi, L. (2023). Historical Data for Natural Hazard Risk Mitigation and Land Use Planning. Land. 12(9), 1777, Link

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    McCalpin, J., Ferrario, F., Figueiredo, P., Livio, F., Grützner, C., Pisarska-Jamroży, M., Quigley, M., Reicherter, K., Rockwell, T., Štěpančíková, P., & Tábořík, P. (2023): New developments in onshore paleoseismic methods, and their impact on Quaternary tectonic studies. Quaternary International. Link

    Obrist-Farner, J., Eckert, A., Douglas, P. M. J., Perez, L., et al. & the LIBRE scientific team (2023): Planning for the Lake Izabal Basin Research Endeavor (LIBRE) continental scientific drilling project in eastern Guatemala. Scientific Drilling 11, 85-100. Link

    Pint, A., Hildebrandt, A., Landwehrs, J., Feulner, G., Scholze, F., Nyakatura, J., Ispas, L., Grützner, C., & Frenzel, P. (2023): Contour marks as potential indicators of evaporation rates in the early Permian continental vertebrate site Bromacker (Thuringia, Central Germany). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 111749, Link.

    Rosell, L., Benavente, C., Zerathe, S., Wimpenny, S., Aguirre, E., Walker, R., Grützner, C., García, B., Audin, L., Combey, A., Palomino, A., Delgado, F., Rodríguez-Pascua, M., Cardenas, J., & Carcaillet, J. (2023). Holocene Earthquakes on the Tambomachay Fault near Cusco, Central Andes. Tektonika 1.2. Link

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    Zhang, Y., He, D., Ustaszewski, K., Zhao, L., Ji, Z., and Wang, Z. (2023): 台湾中央山脉东部变质作用及热演化:玉里缝合带的俯冲折返作用 [Thermal evolution of the metamorphism in the eastern Taiwan Central Range: Implications for Yuli Belt exhumation]. Chinese Journal of Geology, 58, 289-304, doi: 10.12017/dzkx.2023.020Externer Link.

    Zhang, Y. & Ustaszewski, K. (2023): Thermal evolution of the metamorphism in the eastern Taiwan Central Range: implications for Yuli Belt exhumation [Supplementary data set]. Zenodo. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.7545914Externer Link.

  • 2022

    Biermanns, P., Schmitz, B., Mechernich, S., Weismüller, C., Onuzi, K., Ustaszewski, K., Reicherter, K. (2022): Aegean-style extensional deformation in the contractional southern Dinarides: incipient normal fault scarps in Montenegro. Solid Earth 13, 957-974, doi: 10.5194/se-13-957-2022Externer Link.

    Diercks, M., Grützner, C., Vrabec, M., & Ustaszewski, K. (2022): Addendum to Diercks et al., 2021: A model for the formation of the Pradol (Pradolino) dry valley in W Slovenia and NE Italy. Geologija, 65(1), 93-99. doi:10.5474/geologija.2022.006 Externer Link

    Dodds, N., Begenjev, G., Bezmenov, Y., Grützner, C., Mirzin, R., Rhodes, E., Walker, R. T., & Wordsworth, P. (2022): A Major Medieval Earthquake on the Main Köpetdag (Kopeh Dagh) Fault, Turkmenistan. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, doi: 10.1785/0120210195.Externer Link

    Heubeck, C., Thomsen, T. B., Heredia, B. D., Zeh, A., & Balling, P. (2022). The Malolotsha Klippe: Large-scale subhorizontal tectonics along the southern margin of the Archean Barberton Greenstone Belt, Eswatini. Tectonics, e2022TC007359. doi:10.1029/2022TC007359Externer Link

    Reicherter, K., Prados, F., Jiménez-Vialás, H., García-Jiménez, I., Feist, L., Val-Peón, C., Höbig, N., Mathes-Schmidt, M., López-Sáez, J. A., Röth, J., Alexiou, S., Silva Barroso, P. G., Cämmerer, C., Borau, L., May, S. M., Kraus, W., Brückner, H. & Grützner, C. (2022): The Baelo Claudia Tsunami Archive (SW Spain)-Archaeological Deposits of High-Energy Events. In: Álvarez-Martí-Aguilar, M., Machuca Prieto, F. (eds) Historical Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Archaeology in the Iberian Peninsula. Natural Science in Archaeology. Springer, Singapore. Link

    Tsai, C. H., Abdrakhmatov, K., Mukambayev, A., Elliott, A. J., Elliott, J. R., Grützner, C., Rhodes, E. J., Ivester, A. H., Walker, R. T. & Wilkinson, R. (2022). Probing the Upper End of Intra-continental Earthquake Magnitude: A Prehistoric Example from the Dzhungarian and Lepsy Faults of Kazakhstan. Tectonics, e2022TC007300. Link

  • 2021

    Balling, P., Grützner, C., Tomljenović, B., Spakman, W., & Ustaszewski, K. (2021): Post-collisional mantle delamination in the Dinarides implied from staircases of Oligo-Miocene uplifted marine terraces. Scientific Reports, 11, doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-81561-5Externer Link.

    Balling, P., Tomljenović, B., Schmid, S.M., Ustaszewski, K. (2021): Contrasting along-strike deformation styles in the central external Dinarides assessed by balanced cross-sections: implications for the tectonic evolution of its Paleogene flexural foreland basin system, Global and Planetary Change, 205, 103587, doi: 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2021.103587Externer Link.

    Chatzipetros, A., Grützner, C., & Kranis, H. (2021): Preface : The March 2021 Thessaly Earthquake Sequence. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece, 58, i-vii. doi: Link

    Diercks, M., Grützner, C., Vrabec, M., Ustaszewski, K. (2021): A model for the formation of the Pradol (Pradolino) dry valley in W Slovenia and NE Italy, Geologija, 64/1, 21-33, Link.

    Forti, L., Perego, A., Brandolini, F., Mariani, G. S., Zebari, M., Nicoll, K., Regattieri, E., Barbaro, C. C., Bonacossi, D. M., Qasim, H. A., Cremaschi, M. & Zerboni, A. (2021): Geomorphology of the northwestern Kurdistan Region of Iraq: landscapes of the Zagros Mountains drained by the Tigris and Great Zab Rivers, Journal of Maps, doi: 10.1080/17445647.2021.1906339Externer Link

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    Löwe, G., Schneider, S., Sperner, B., Balling, P., Pfänder, J. A., & Ustaszewski, K. (2021): Supplementary material to: "Torn between two plates: exhumation of the Cer Massif (internal Dinarides) as a far-field effect of Carpathian slab rollback inferred from 40Ar/39Ar dating and cross section balancing", Link.

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    Zebari, M., Preusser, F., Grützner, C., Navabpour, P. and Ustaszewski, K. (2021): Luminescence Dating of River Terraces along the banks of the Greater Zab River in the Northwestern Zagros Mountains in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. PANGAEA, Link.

  • 2020

    Amine, A., El Ouardi, H., Zebari, M., El makrini, H., & Habibi, M. (2020). Relative Landscape maturity in the South Rifian Ridges (NW Morocco): inferences from DEM-based surface indices analysis. Applied Computing and Geosciences, 100027. doi:10.1016/j.acags.2020.100027Externer Link.

    Amine, A., El Ouardi, H., Zebari, M., & El Makrini, H. (2020). Active tectonics in the Moulay Idriss Massif (South Rifian Ridges, NW Morocco): New insights from geomorphic indices and drainage pattern analysis, Journal of African Earth Sciences, 103833, Link.

    Grützner, C., Aschenbrenner, S., Krämer, A., Reicherter, K., Saifelislam, N., Ustaszewski, K., Viscolani, A., Welte, J. (2020). Geophysical survey (GPR, ERT, magnetic) on active faults in Slovenia and Italy. PANGAEA, Link.

    Hoffmann, G., Grützner, C., Schneider, B., Preusser, F. & Reicherter, K. (2020). Large Holocene tsunamis in the northern Arabian Sea. Marine Geology, doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2019.106068.Externer Link

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  • 2019

    Ainscoe, E. A., Abdrakhmatov, K. E., Baikulov, S., Carr, A. S., Elliott, A. J., Grützner, C., & Walker, R. T. (2019). Variability in surface rupture between successive earthquakes on the Suusamyr Fault, Kyrgyz Tien Shan: implications for palaeoseismology. Geophysical Journal InternationalExterner Link 216(1), 703-725.

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  • 2018

    Copley, A., Grützner, C., Howell, A., Jackson, J., Penney, C. & Wimpenny, S. (2018). Unexpected earthquake hazard revealed by Holocene rupture on the Kenchreai Fault (central Greece): Implications for weak sub-fault shear zones. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 486, 141-154Externer LinkOPEN ACCESS!

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  • 2017

    Dhansay, T., Navabpour, P., de Wit, M., Ustaszewski, K. (2017). Assessing the reactivation potential of pre-existing fractures in the southern Karoo, South Africa: evaluating the potential for sustainable exploration across its Critical Zone, Journal of African Earth Sciences, 134, 504-515. doi: 10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2017.07.020Externer Link.

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  • Ältere Publikationen


    Ballato, P., Cifelli, F., Heidarzadeh, G., Ghassemi, M. R., Wickert, A. D., Hassanzadeh, J., Dupont-Nivet, G., Balling, P., Sudo, M., Zeilinger, G., Schmitt, A. K., Mattei, M. and Strecker, M. R. (2016), Tectono-sedimentary evolution of the northern Iranian Plateau: insights from middle-late Miocene foreland-basin deposits. Basin Res. doi:10.1111/bre.12180.Externer Link

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