MGEO104 Tectonics, Module Part Brittle Tectonics

Next course: winter term 2023/24
Image: Christoph Grützner

Module MGEO104 Tectonics, Module Part Brittle Tectonics, LV-Nr. 46324, 3 ECTS-points

In the module part "Brittle Tectonics", you learn about frictionally controlled failure mechanisms of rocks as well as about parameters that control different stress states in the Earth's crust. Emphasis is placed on the genetic interpretation of fractures, which are of primary importance as pathways for fluids in the subsurface and thus determine the hydraulic properties of reservoir rocks. Furthermore, you will gain an understanding of the principles of kinematic analyses of brittle fracture sets, as well as inversion methods for the determination of stress tensors. Laboratory tasks and field examples are combined to teach practical skills.

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