A geological map in the field

Map collection

The map collection of the Institute of Geosciences contains more than 3,500 maps and explanatory booklets in various scales and from all continents.
A geological map in the field
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

Location: Room E007, Institute of Geosciences, Burgweg 11, 07749 Jena

Opening hours: currently not publicly accessible, please contact us if you plan a visit

Contact: Philipp Balling (Mail), Kamil Ustaszewski (Mail)

Map collection at the IGW

Video: Kamil Ustaszewski

Geological maps form the most important data basis for geoscientific and geotechnical questions, such as the search for resources, subsoil investigations, or civil engineering projects. The Institute of Geosciences' map collection is located at Burgweg 11 and documents several decades of collection activity.

GK25 Inventory Germany
GK25 Inventory Germany
Graphic: Gleb Chupakhin, Philipp Balling, Lukas Uhlmann

In addition to complete coverage of Thuringia with geological maps at the scale of 1:25,000 (GK25) and extensive coverage of neighbouring areas of Germany at various scales (GK 1:25,000, GÜK 1:200,000), the collection also hosts numerous map series from all across Europe and other continents. The collection also focuses on the Alps, Eastern Europe and especially the Balkan Peninsula (former Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece). For example, there is a complete set of geological maps of all republics of former Yugoslavia at a scale of 1:100,000.

The map collection also contains numerous original reports and maps of geological expeditions to non-European areas from the 1960-80s, which were produced for the former Department of Praktische Geologie Jena (originally a department of the Instituts für Geotektonik Berlin, from 1969 part of the Zentralinstituts für die Physik der Erde), as well as Berichte der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin/der DDR (reports of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin/GDR).

Since 2020 the map collection is part of the collections of the Friedrich-Schiller University JenaExternal link.