Philipp Balling

Research assistant (MSc 2014 University of Potsdam).
Philipp vor Velebit Philipp vor Velebit Image: Philipp Balling

Research interests

I am working on the tectonic evolution of the Dinarides. I have a weakness for the Velebit Breccia and the Promina Beds.

I use balanced cross-sections and I know (almost) everything about MOVE.

Apart from the Dinarides, I am interested in the Iranian Plateau and the Appenines.


Balling, P., Grützner, C., Tomljenović, B., Spakman, W. & Ustaszewski, K. (2021). Post-collisional mantle delamination in the Dinarides implied from staircases of Oligo-Miocene uplifted marine terraces. Sci Rep 11, 2685.

Zebari, M., Balling, P., Grützner, C., Navabpour, P., Witte, J., & Ustaszewski, K. (2020). Structural style of the NW Zagros Mountains and the role of basement thrusting for its Mountain Front Flexure, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Journal of Structural Geology, 104206, doi:10.1016/j.jsg.2020.104206.

Ballato, P., Cifelli, F., Heidarzadeh, G., Ghassemi, M. R., Wickert, A. D., Hassanzadeh, J., Dupont‐Nivet, G., Balling, P., Sudo, M., Zeilinger, G., Schmitt, A. K., Mattei, M., & Strecker, M. R. (2017). Tectono‐sedimentary evolution of the northern Iranian Plateau: insights from middle–late Miocene foreland‐basin deposits. Basin Research, 29(4), 417-446.

Balling, P., Maystrenko, Y., & Scheck-Wenderoth, M. (2013). The deep thermal field of the Glueckstadt Graben. Environmental Earth Sciences, 70(8), 3505-3522.

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