Madeline Richter

Research assistant (MSc FSU Jena 2019)
Madeline Richter Madeline Richter Image: Madeline Richter

Research interests

I am curious about fossil subduction zones. Which subsurface processes lead to the formation of metamorphic soles or blueschists and how can parts of these deeply evolved rocks be exhumed? How do volatiles from the subducted plate influence the mantle? Which role does serpentinisation of ultramafics play during exhumation? And mostly, how do these mechanisms implement as textures in rocks? To better understand this at various spatial scales, mapping and micro-scale analyses became the foundation of my work. During my masters I worked on the metamorphic sole of the Mirdita Ophiolite in Albania, whereas now I am focused on the evolution of granulites from the Saxonian Granulite massif as well as the blueschist-facies metamorphic Yuli Belt in Taiwan.


  • 2020: Graduate Award of the Faculty de for the Best Master Thesis of the Year in Geosciences, funded by the Society for the Promotion of Earth Sciences, Jena
  • 2019: 1st place best student poster award GeoMünster


Conference contributions

Master thesis

  • Madeline Richter, 2019: Tectonometamorphic and hydraulic processes along a fossil subduction plate interface in the northern Mirdita Ophiolites (Bajram Curri, Albania), 144 pp, doi: 10.22032/dbt.45757.