Kamil Ustaszewski

Group leader, field work enthusiast with a weakness for mountains. Telemark skier and former bike messenger.
Kamil Ustaszewski Kamil Ustaszewski Image: Kamil Ustaszewski

Research interests

I am fascinated by the sight of mountains and consider tectonic processes that continuously modify the appearance of our Earth as outstanding landscape gardeners. My research interests hence focus on the tectonics and related sedimentary, magmatic, metamorphic, but also geomorphological processes along converging plate margins. In order to understand the deformation occurring there and its role in mountain building, I study geological faults and shear zones in terms of their geometry and kinematics over several spatial scales and at all crustal levels. Detailed field work, ideally complemented by geological mapping, forms an indispensable backbone of my projects. Additionally, I rely on geophysical data to constrain the deeper subsurface, as well as various geochronological approaches to record geological processes over time.

My external research profiles

Curation of scientific collections

Initiator and curator of the tectonic collection de of the University Jena

Curator of the collection of geological maps de of the University Jena

Selected non-profit activities and community services

03/2018 - 06/2022

President of TSK division (Fachsektion Tektonik-Strukturgeologie-Kristallingeologie) of the German Geological Society (DGGV)


Since 2015

Executive chairman of Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Geowissenschaften Jena e.V de. ("Promoting geosciences in Jena")


Selected administrative tasks at the University Jena

Since 2022

Member of the study committee of the University Senate de

Since 2020

Member of the study committee at faculty level de

Since 2019

Chairman of examination board for BSc & MSc curriculum Geowissenschaften de

Member of the selection committee for the MSc curriculum Geosciences

Since 2017

Erasmus coordinator for Geosciences in Jena de


Current research grants

Since 2020:

Identifying fossil fault activity along the eastern Periadriatic Fault system by means of combined OSL- and ESR-dating of fault gouges (NE Italy, S Austria and N Slovenia). Collaborative project with Sumiko Tsukamoto (LIAG Hannover), sub-project within the 2nd phase of SPP 2017 "Mountain Building in Four Dimensions".

Mountain building in the Eastern and Southern Alps - large earthquakes and active faults. Collaborative project with Christoph Grützner de and Klaus Reicherter (RWTH Aachen), sub-project within the 2nd phase of SPP 2017 "Mountain Building in Four Dimensions".

Since 2019:

The metamorphic Yuli Belt in Taiwan - Key to the tectonics of arc-continent collision and high-pressure rock exhumation (collaborative project with Niko Froitzheim (Bonn) and Chin-Ho Tsai (Donghua University Taiwan), jointly funded by DFG and MoST.



Cross section balancing across the Taiwan fold-and-thrust belt (DFG), in collaboration with Niko Froitzheim (Bonn).

Determining long-term slip rates in the Northern Zagros Fold-and-Thrust Belt (Kurdistan Region of Iraq) from tectonic geomorphology, structural modeling and OSL-dating (DFG).

ALMOND - Albania and Montenegro Neotectonic Deformation (DFG), in collaboration with Klaus Reicherter (RWTH Aachen).                   

KAPMED - Kinematic reconstructions of the Adriatic plate as a key to understanding subduction processes in the Western Mediterranean (DFG), in collaboration with Eline Le Breton & Mark R. Handy (FU Berlin).


See also the following link to the DFG's GEPRIS database.



In review, in revision, pending acceptance or accepted:

Diercks, M., Grützner, C., Welte, J. & Ustaszewski, K. (2023): Challenges and limits of Remote Sensing of Active Tectonics in the slowly deforming Karst landscape of W Slovenia and NE Italy. Geomorphology, in review.

Balling, P., Tomljenović, B., Herak, M., Ustaszewski, K. (2023): Inversion of passive margin faults in the Velebit Mountain of the external Dinarides fold-and-thrust-belt and implications for seismotectonics. Swiss J. Geosci., in revision.

Thieme, M., Jähne-Klingberg, F., Fügenschuh, B., Malz, A., Linnemann, U., Ustaszewski, K. (2023): The Late Mesozoic to Paleogene cooling history of the Thuringian Forest and its southern periphery (central Germany) revealed by combined fission-track and U-Pb LA-ICP-MS dating, ZDGG, pending acceptance.

Published (in inverse chronological order):

Zhang, Y., He, D., Ustaszewski, K., Zhao, L., Ji, Z., and Wang, Z. (2023): Thermal evolution of the metamorphism in the eastern Taiwan Central Range : Implications for Yuli Belt exhumation. Chinese Journal of Geology, 58, 289-304, doi: 10.12017/dzkx.2023.020.

Diercks, M., Grützner, C., Vrabec, M., & Ustaszewski, K. (2022): Addendum to Diercks et al., 2021: A model for the formation of the Pradol (Pradolino) dry valley in W Slovenia and NE Italy. Geologija, 65(1), 93-99. doi:10.5474/geologija.2022.006.

Biermanns, P., Schmitz, B., Mechernich, S., Weismüller, C., Onuzi, K., Ustaszewski, K., Reicherter, K. (2022): Aegean-style extensional deformation in the contractional southern Dinarides: incipient normal fault scarps in Montenegro. Solid Earth 13, 957-974, doi: 10.5194/se-13-957-2022.

Grützner, C., Aschenbrenner, S., Jamšek Rupnik, P., Reicherter, K., Saifelislam, N., Vičič, B., Vrabec, M., Welte, J., & Ustaszewski, K. (2021): Holocene surface-rupturing earthquakes on the Dinaric Fault System, western Slovenia. Solid Earth, 12, 2211–2234, https://doi.org/10.5194/se-12-2211-2021.

Zebari, M., Preusser, F., Grützner, C., Navabpour, P., Ustaszewski, K. (2021): Late Pleistocene-Holocene Slip Rates in the Northwestern Zagros Mountains Derived from Luminescence Dating of River Terraces and Structural Modeling. Tectonics, 40, e2020TC006565, doi: 10.1029/2020TC006565.

Balling, P., Tomljenović, B., Schmid, S.M., Ustaszewski, K. (2021): Contrasting along-strike deformation styles in the external Dinarides: implications for the tectonic evolution of its Paleogene flexural foreland basin system. Global and Planetary Change, 205, 103587, 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2021.103587.

Diercks, M., Grützner, C., Vrabec, M., Ustaszewski, K. (2021): A model for the formation of the Pradol (Pradolino) dry valley in W Slovenia and NE Italy, Geologija, 64/1, 21-33, doi: 10.5474/geologija.2021.002.

Löwe, G., Schneider, S., Sperner, B., Balling, P., Pfänder, J., Ustaszewski, K. (2021): Torn between two plates: exhumation of the Cer Massif (internal Dinarides) as a far-field effect of Carpathian slab rollback inferred from 40Ar/39Ar dating and cross section balancing. Tectonics, 40, e2021TC006699, doi: 10.1029/2021TC006699.

Le Breton, E., Brune, S., Ustaszewski, K., Zahirovic, S., Seton, M., & Müller, R. D. (2021): Kinematics and extent of the Piemont-Liguria Basin – implications for subduction processes in the Alps: Solid Earth, 12, 885-913, doi: 10.5194/se-12-885-2021.

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Zhang, Y., Tsai, C.-H., Froitzheim, N., Ustaszewski, K. (2020). The Yuli Belt in Taiwan: part of the suture zone separating Eurasian and Philippine Sea plates. Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 31, 415-435, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2020.06.28.01.

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