Terrain model of the thrust front in the Southern Alps, NE Italy

Active Tectonics

Our research into active deformation of the earth's surface by tectonic processes focuses on structure-forming processes, including the rates at which these processes operate. We tackle such challenges by quantifying geomorphological parameters with both ground-based and remote sensing approaches​.
Terrain model of the thrust front in the Southern Alps, NE Italy
Image: Viscolani et al., 2020

Selected Publications

Biermanns, P., Schmitz, B.Ustaszewski, K. & Reicherter, K. (2019), Tectonic geomorphology and Quaternary landscape development in the Albania - Montenegro border region: An inventory, Geomorphology, 326, 116-131, doi.org/10.1016/j.geomorph.2018.09.014.

Ustaszewski, K., Herak, M., Tomljenović, B., Herak, D., Matej, S. (2014): Neotectonics of the Dinarides-Pannonian Basin transition and possible earthquake sources in the Banja Luka epicentral area, Journal of Geodynamics, 82, 52-68.

Viscolani, A., Grützner, C., Diercks, M., Reicherter, K., & Ustaszewski, K. (2020). Late Quaternary Tectonic Activity of the Udine-Buttrio Thrust, Friulian Plain, NE Italy. Geosciences 10(2), 84, doi:10.3390/geosciences10020084.

Zebari, M., Grützner, C., Navabpour, P., & Ustaszewski, K.(2019): Relative timing of uplift along the Zagros Mountain Front Flexure (Kurdistan Region of Iraq): Constrained by geomorphic indices and landscape evolution modeling, Solid Earth, 10, 663-682, https://doi.org/10.5194/se-10-663-2019OPEN ACCESS!

MSc theses

Eilyn Becher, 2020: New evidence for postglacial activity of the Žužemberk fault and faults on the Jelovica plateau in the Lake Bled area from field work and remote sensing. 47 pp.

Manuel Diercks, 2020: Geomorphologic Investigations on Active Tectonics in Western Slovenia, 57 pp.

Julian Welte, 2019: The application of open-source software and open data in Remote Sensing on active faults at the case site of the Cerknica Polje in Slovenia, 61 pp.

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