The structural Geology section offers courses in the Bachelor's and Master's degree program Geosciences at the Institute of Geological Sciences. Our lectures, laboratory courses and field camps are aimed at equipping students with the basic skills to interpret and analyse geological maps and cross sections, as well as to carry out geological mapping campaigns by themselves. Lehre01

Further courses deal with the geometrical and kinematic descriptions of deformation features at various spatial scales, with fundamentals of rock mechanics as well as with map-scale deformation patterns associated with the formation of fold-and-thrust belts, various types of sedimentary basins or passive continental margins.

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MSc courses (MGEO) are usually taught in German but may be offered in English upon request.

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Course list

Bachelor level

  • BGEO1.1 Introduction to geological sciences (lecture with exercises and field trips)
  • BGEO1.2 Introduction to geological maps (lecture with exercises and 8 days of mapping)

  • BGEO4.5 Structural Geology (lecture with exercises and 4 days of field work)

  • BGEO5.1.5 Tectonics (part of module 'Tectonics and Seismology', lecture with exercises)

Master level

  • MGEO1.3.2 Structural Geology I (course #1: balanced cross sections, course #2: advanced topics)
  • MGEO1.3.5 Advanced geological mapping course (12 days of mapping)
  • MGEO2.2.4 Structural Geology II: Brittle Tectonics

Further courses

  • English for Geoscientists
  • Multiview Photogrammetry: short course 24 - 28 February 2020 (announcement)

Studying abroad

We foster international collaborations to increase the mobility of our students. There are several attractive opportunities within the Erasmus+ program to visit various universities abroad. Interested students are encouraged to check out the corresponding website of the Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences.