Basic research

Active tectonics

Digitales Höhenmodell und Gefügewerte zweier tektonisch aktiver Faltenstrukturen, Nordwestschweiz (Quelle:
Digital elevation model of two active anticlines in northwestern Switzerland. Symbols denote the bedding of Mesozoic and Tertiary sedimentary successions (source: Ustaszewski & Schmid 2007).

3D-modeling of lithosphere-scale tectonics

Taiwan Lithosphärenmaßstäbliche Darstellung
Lithosphere-scale depiction of crust-mantle boundaries under the collision zone of Taiwan. This model relies on the 3D-analysis of seismic P-wave tomography and seismicity data (source: Ustaszewski et al. 2012).

Tectonometamorphic processes


Thin-section micrograph of a deformed garnet porphyroblast in an amphibolite-grade micaschist. The protolith of the micaschist was a pelite from a Late Cretaceous siliciclastic succession (locality: Motajica Inselberg, Bosnia and Herzegovina) (source: Ustaszewski et al. 2010).

Regional tectonics


Present tectonic configuration of the Eastern Alps, Carpathians and Dinarides and a map-view restoration of tectonic motions during the last 20 Ma (source: Ustaszewski et al. 2008).

Intraplate Stresses

Intraplate Stresses

Post-Triassic stress field evolution in Central Europe. Structures, states of stress and other symbols complied from different sources. Abbreviations: EFS, Elbe Fault System; FL, Franconian Lineament; HM, Harz Mountains; LG, Leinetal Graben; LRG, Lower Rhine Graben; LSB, Lower Saxony Basin; TF, Thuringian Forest; URG, Upper Rhine Graben (Ref: Navabpour et al., 2017).

Applied research

Deep Geothermal energy

Vertically exaggerated block diagram of the southern Thuringian forest and its southern foreland (Central Germany) with an interpretation of the deep structure. A planned geothermal production and injection well couple at the site Meiningen is also schematically shown (source: modified after Wagenbreth, O. und Steiner, W. 1990. Geologische Streifzüge: Landschaft und Erdgeschichte zwischen Kap Arkona und Fichtelberg, Deutscher Verlag für Grundstoffindustrie).


Scientific collaborations

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