Hardware & Labs

Vitrinite Reflectance Lab

Our group is equipped with a microscope for the quantification of vitrinite reflectance. More information can be obtained here.

Workstation PC

For computationally intensive tasks (e.g. 3D-photogrammetry) a workstation PC, equipped with an Intel XEON CPU with 6 cores, 3,5 GHz, 128 GB RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphic card is available.

Mobile field equipment

  • Geological compasses
  • GPS devices
  • Quadrocopter drones
  • Field-proof tablets

Further information on available devices and contact opportunities can be found here.


3D stress

3D Stress

Petex Move, Fieldmove

MoveField Move
Within the frame of their academic support programme, Petroleum Experts (Petex) donated 10 licenses for complete MOVE suites (the equivalent of 1,341,961.89 £) for educational use and research to our university.



Agisoft Metashape