Paläoseismologischer Schurf in Kasachstan

MGEO116 Konzepte regionaler Tektonik​, Modulteil Spezielle Fragen der Tektonik​

Nächster Termin: SoSe 2022
Paläoseismologischer Schurf in Kasachstan
Foto: Christoph Grützner
Aktive Störung im Amazonas-Becken Aktive Störung im Amazonas-Becken Foto: Christoph Grützner

Instructor: Dr. Christoph Grützner
Language: English
Schedule: SS2022, date and time to be announced later

Who should take this course?
Anyone interested in earthquakes, landscapes, active tectonics, and remote sensing.
Content: Geomorphic markers, topographic datasets, Quaternary dating methods, rivers & landscape evolution, morphometry, earthquakes shaping landscapes, paleoseismology

Aims: Students will learn to use geomorphology as a tool for evaluating tectonic systems. They will get to know a wide range of techniques to study active tectonics. We will discuss which data are useful, how to use and where to find them. We will examine the latest literature and discuss a lot about
research scenarios and practical applications.

Please register in Friedolin.
Contact: christoph.gruetzner@uni‐

Download the flyer here: pdf [pdf, 332 kb].

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