Trockental in Slowenien


Wind Gap in Slovenia
Image: Christoph Grützner

Topics for BSc-theses

3D-model of Jena

3D-models are important for:

  • Outreach
  • Students qualification
  • Resources


  • Cross-sections, GIS
  • 3D-modelling, 3D-printing
  • In collaboration with TLUBN

“Lasagne-Folds” in the Salinar-Röt

Fossil example of anhydrite swelling. There is a lack of quantitative data (amplitude, wavelength, spatial distribution, geometry of finite deformation)


  • Structural field work
  • Fold characterization, statistical analyses
  • Paleostress analysis

Variscian tectonics

  • Field work, mapping
  • Tectonics and petrography
  • Polarisation microscopy, μ-XRF, SEM


2D modelling of a fold belt in Croatia

The Drežnica Canyon in the Dinarides of Bosnia and Herzegovina has cut into the region along two important regional faults. So far, neither the geometries nor the offset of the faults are known exactly.

  • Basics in ArcGIS/QGIS and MOVE
  • Digitizing geological maps
  • Kinematic forward modelling in MOVE
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