Lithosphere-scale illustration of crust-mantle boundaries underneath Taiwan

2D- and 3D-Modelling

In two-dimensional structural modelling, we combine geological surface data, borehole data and at times geophysical data to create geological cross sections. From series of cross sections, three-dimensional surfaces and volumes can be interpolated. 2D sections and 3D models provide the basis for understanding the geometries and physical properties of the geological subsurface.
Lithosphere-scale illustration of crust-mantle boundaries underneath Taiwan
Image: Ustaszewski et al. 2012
Video: Ustaszewski et al. 2012

3D animation of crust-mantle boundaries underneath Taiwan. The coloured surfaces represent Moho discontinuities, color-coded according to depth. The plate interface between the Eurasian lithosphere and the base of the Philippine Plate is shown in grey. Earthquakes are represented by dots and small spheres (source: Ustaszewski et al. 2012).


Ustaszewski, K., Wu, Y.-M., Suppe, J., Huang, H.-H., Huang, C.-H., Carena, S.: Crust-mantle boundaries in the Taiwan-Luzon arc-continent collision system determined from local earthquake tomography and 1D models: Implications for the mode of subduction polarity reversal, Tectonophysics, 578, 31-49.

MSc theses

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BSc theses

Spille, Keno, 2020: 3D-Modell von Jena - Geologische Modelle für den 3D-Druck, 26 pp.

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