Digital elevation model from frone imagery

MGEO005 Geowissenschaftliche Vertiefung I - Multiview Photogrammetry: 3D Virtual Geology for everyone

Compact course for MSc.-students 14.-18. March, 2022. Topics: Photogrammetry, Structure-from-Motion and Virtual Geology/3D outcrops. Teaching language will English; the course will be held by Marko Vrabec from Uni Ljubljana.
Digital elevation model from frone imagery
Picture: Christoph Grützner


Mesh Metashape Mesh Metashape Image: Christoph Grützner

We offer a compact course for module "MGEO005 Geowiss. Vertiefung" from 14-18 March.

Topics: Photogrammetry, Structure-from-Motion, 3D outcrops & Virtual Geology.
The course will be held by Prof. Marko Vrabec from the University of Ljubljana.
We hope for in-person teaching in the PC pool at the Burgweg, but if necessary we will switch to online.

More information here.

If there are vacant places, interested BSc. students are also welcome. However, ECTS points can only be granted to MSc. students. If you are interested, please register in Friedolin and send a short e-mail to Christoph Grützner, this will help us planning.