supervisor Prof. Ustaszewski, Madeline Richter and the dean Prof. Arndt

The Graduate Award Geosciences​ 2020 goes to Madeline Richter

Madeline receives the award for her Master thesis finished in 2019
supervisor Prof. Ustaszewski, Madeline Richter and the dean Prof. Arndt
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)

Published: 23 November 2020, 13:58

This year's Graduate Award Geosciences​ 2020 of our faculty goes to Madeline Richter for her Master thesis titled: "Tectonometamorphic and hydraulic processes along a fossil subduction plate interface in the northern Mirdita Ophiolite (Bajram Curri, Albania). In her thesis, she combined field work and petrological techniques to enrole processes along a fossil subduction zone in Albania at differing scales.

Supervisor Prof. Dr. Kamil Ustaszewski said: "Madeline Richter investigated the tectonic and metamorphic evolution of an ophiolite deposit (= relics of fossilised ocean floor preserved in mountains) in Albania. With her Master thesis, Mrs. Richter has impressively demonstrated that she is capable of understanding geologically complex facts in a coherent manner, interpreting them across space and time scales, describing them in a comprehensible way and also visualising them in a graphically appealing manner, using her great methodological competence from a wide range of individual stratigraphic, structural geological and petrographic observations. Her Master thesis was the best qualification thesis I had the opportunity to supervise during my time in Jena."

Prof. Dr. Kamil Ustaszewski and Madeline Richter are involved in a DFG project, in which she continues to work on subduction zones in Taiwan and the Balkans. The Graduate Award Geosciences is funded by the Society for the Promotion of Earth Sciences Jena ("Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Geowissenschaften Jena e.V.").

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