Research interests

I study the structure, tectonics & geochemistry of modern oceanic crust ophiolites, and metamorphic rocks in orogenic belts.
I am interested in the different approaches of fault and orogenic belt analysis. The industry seismic profiles supported the predicted stratigraphic pattern, and well log data, field outcrops, geologic maps as well as thermo-chronology further strengthened the model at various spatial scales.
Recent research involves detailed mapping of structural geometry in the cross sections and the deformation mechanism of fold-and-thrust belts and metamorphic Yuli Belt in Taiwan.

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University education

since 2016  PhD student               Structural Geology     Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany

2013-2016   Master of Science       Basin Analysis         China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

2009-2013   Bachelor of Science    Petroleum Geology   China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

Current scientific activities

since 2017       PhD student in a research programme on cross section balancing across the Taiwan fold-and-thrust belt (DFG)

Research history

2014-2015   Master student in a research programme on structure and prospects of oil and gas investigation in the Southern Tarim Basin, China (Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Geological Institute)

2013-2014   Master student in a research programme on paleostructure Restoration, Evolution and Controling of hydrocarbon accumulation in the Southern Tarim Basin  (Northwest Exploration and Development Company, Sinopec)

2013-2014   Master student in a research programme on global conventional oil and gas resource evaluation (PetroChina Company Limited, 2008E-060903)


Liu C., Zhang Y., Zhang Y., Sun F., Chen Y., He D. (2018): Analysis of regional structural cross section of the North and Central Tarim Basin and new insights into paleo-uplift origin, Oil and Gas Geology 39(5):1001-1010. (in Chinese with English abstract) DOI: 10.11743/ogg20180514

Gao H., He D., Tong X., Wen Z., Wang Z., Zhang Y. (2017): Tectonic-depositional environment and proto-type basins evolution of the Tarim Basin in the Late Ordovician, Earth Science Frontiers 24(5):350-367. (in Chinese with English abstract) DOI: 10.13745/j.esf.yx.2016-10-3

Tong X., He D., Zhang, Y. (2015): Global Giant Field - Patterns of Oil-gas Plays, Chapter 21: The structure and evolution characteristics of the Central Africa Basins, Science Press 1 edition (June 1, 2015). ISBN-13: 978-7030445193 (in Chinese)

Zhang Y., He D., Tong X.(2015): Genetic mechanisms and tectonic types of petroliferous basins in the Central Africa Shear Zone, ACTA PETROLEI SINICA 36(10), 1234-1247. (in Chinese with English abstract) DOI: 10.7623/syxb201510006

Scientific contributions

Zhang Y., Froitzheim N., Tsai C.-H., Ustaszewski K. (2018): The Yuli Belt in the eastern Taiwan fold-and-thrust belt: A Miocene accretionary prism separating Eurasian and Philippine Sea Plates. Conference poster, Annual DGGV meeting 2018, GeoBonn.

Ustaszewski K., Suppe J., Zhang Y. (2017): New views on the crustal-scale geometries of the Taiwan fold-thrust belt. Conference poster, Annual DGGV meeting 2017, GeoBremen.

Zhang Y., He D., Wu B., Gao H. (2014): Tectonic Evolution and Formation Mechanism of Yubei No.1 Structural Zone, Southwestern Depression of Tarim Basin. Conference talk, Annual Meeting of Chinese Geoscience Union (CGU).