Kamil Ustaszewski



Research interests

I am mainly interested in the tectonics and associated sedimentary and igneous processes related to converging plate margins and collisional mountain building. To this end, I attempt to understand the geometry and kinematics of faults, fault-related rocks and shear zones across several spatial scales, the timing and physical conditions of their deformation, as well as their role in the orogenic evolution. Detailed data collection in the field forms the backbone of all my studies.

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Selected non-profit activities and community services


President of TSK division (Fachsektion Tektonik - Strukturgeologie - Kristallingeologie) of the German Geological Society (DGGV)

Since 2015

Executive chairman of Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Geowissenschaften Jena e.V. ("Promoting geosciences in Jena")

Selected administrative tasks at the University Jena

Since 2019

Chairman of examination board for BSc & MSc curriculum Geowissenschaften

Since 2017

Erasmus+ coordinator for Geosciences in Jena

Current research grants

Since 2019:

The metamorphic Yuli Belt in Taiwan - Key to the tectonics of arc-continent collision and high-pressure rock exhumation (collaborative project with Niko Froitzheim (Bonn) and Chin-Ho Tsai (Donghua University Taiwan), jointly funded by DFG and MoST.

Since 2017:

Earth surface response to Quaternary faulting and shallow crustal structure in the eastern Adria-Alpine collision zone and the Friulian plain, collaborator with Christoph Grützner. Sub-project within SPP 2017 "Mountain Building in Four Dimensions".

Cross section balancing across the Taiwan fold-and-thrust belt (DFG), in collaboration with Niko Froitzheim (Bonn)

Determining long-term slip rates in the Northern Zagros Fold-and-Thrust Belt (Kurdistan Region of Iraq) from tectonic geomorphology, structural modeling and OSL-dating (DFG).

Since 2014:

ALMOND - Albania and Montenegro Neotectonic Deformation (DFG), in collaboration with Klaus Reicherter (RWTH Aachen)                                                                  

KAPMED - Kinematic reconstructions of the Adriatic plate as a key to understanding subduction processes in the Western Mediterranean (DFG), in collaboration with Eline Le Breton & Mark R. Handy (FU Berlin)                   

See also the following link to the DFG's GEPRIS database.


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