Seminar talks are taking place every (new!!!) Tuesday from 12:00-13:30 during lecture periods in the seminar room (3rd floor) of the IGW. Visitors are welcome any time!

Presentations and supplementary material is available for download after intranet-login.

Upcoming talks:

          - lecture-free period break -

Past talks:

  • 03.02.20 Georg Löwe -  Exhumation of a metamorphic core complex: The journey from
                        mid-crust to surface
  • 27.01.20 Manuel Diercks - Active Tectonics in western Slovenia (Master thesis)
  • 20.01.20 Yiqiong Zhang - New progress of the Taiwan project
                       Mjahid Zebari - Field trip in Oman
  • 13.01.20 Philipp Balling & Benjamin Schmitz - The life cycle of an orogen - new results
                        from the Dinariden-Helleniden fold-thrust belt (Balkan Peninsula)
           - Christmas break -      
  • 16.12.19 Kamil Ustaszewski & Christoph Grützner - SPP 2nd Phase proposal
  • 09.12.19 Gleb Chupakhin - Progress and Plans for an Investigation of the Tectono-
                        metamorphic Development of the Saxonian Granulite Massif
  • 25.11.19 Madeline Richter - Tectonometamorphic and hydraulic processes along a fossil
                     subduction plate interface in the northern Mirdita Ophiolites (Bajram Curri, Albania)
  • 18.11.19 Yu-Xiu Zhang - Central Qiangtang (interior of the Tibetan Plateau, West China)
                        eclogite-bearing metamorphic belt: exhumation in a subduction channel or diapiric
                        through the mantle wedge?                
  • 11.11.19 Chris Salomon - Thermomechanical 3D FEM of the Northern Chile subduction Zone
  • 04.11.19 Mjahid Zebari - Structural relief across the NW segment of the Zagros Mountain
                        Front Flexure in Kurdistan region of Iraq: implication for basement involvement
  • 21.10.19 Franziska Scheffler - Selenite pseudomorphs: from formation to metamorphism -
                        the "Rosetta Marble", Anatolia
          - lecture-free period break -
  • 01.07.19 Mareike Danigel - Rekonstruktion der Versenkungsgeschichte der sächsischen
                        Kreide auf Grundlage von Vitrinit-Reflektanz
  • 24.06.19 Christoph Grützner - New observations on tectonic geomorphology from the latest
                        field trip in Slovenia
  • 03.06.19 Kamil Ustaszewski - Active tectonics of the Dinarides fold-thrust belt and the role
                        of the mantle in shaping its topography
  • 20.05.19 Mjahid Zebari & Kamil Ustaszewski  - Expression of Active Tectonic in the River
                        Terraces along the Great Zab River within the Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt
  • 13.05.19 Janis Pingel - 4D Geo-Positron-Emission Tomography(GeoPET) on a granite dill core
                        of Soultz-sous-Forêts geothermal research plant
  • 26.04.19 Robert Scheuer & Eilyn Becher - Active Tectonics in the Klagenfurt Basin
         - lecture-free period break -
  • 21.01.19 Christoph Grützner - Data security and backup strategy
  • 14.01.19 Kamil Ustaszewski - Der globale Klimawandel aus Sicht eines kleinen
  • 07.01.19 Deon Janse van Rensburg - Brittle tectonic analysis and Neogene evolution of the
                        East Spanish Basins
          - Christmas break -
  • 10.12.18 Robert Scheuer - Active Tectonics in the Klagenfurt Basin
      Julian Welte - Geomagnetic tracing of past hunter-gatherer groups of
                        the Early Iron Age in the catchment area of Komati River in Changalane,
  • 03.12.18 Benjamin Schmitz - Reflection Seismics in Structural Geology Offshore
  • 26.11.18 Joint venture of the working groups Structural Geology and Geoinformatics -
                        Tectonics and Geomorphology
  • 19.11.18 Mjahid Zebari - Relative Timing of Uplift along the Zagros Mountain Front Flexure
                        Constrained by Geomorphic Indices and Landscape Modelling, Kurdistan Region
                        of Iraq
  • 12.11.18 Yiqiong Zhang - The Yuli belt in the eastern Taiwan fold-and-thrust belt: A Miocene
                        accretionary prism separating Eurasian and Philippine Sea Plates
  • 05.11.18 Philipp Balling - Final field work in Croatia 09/2018 

          - lecture-free period break -

  • 16.08.18 Daniel Standhaft (Universtät Greifswald) -
                        1.) Masterkartierung im Semail Ophiolith, Oman
                        2.) Oligozäne/miozäne Dacite in eastern Oregon (USA)
                        3.) Diskussion zu Subduktion und Ophioliten am Balkan und in Taiwan
  • 14.06.18 Benjamin Schmitz - Final field work in Albania and Montenegro 05/2018
  • 07.06.18 Philipp Balling & Kujtim Onuzi - "Hands on": Investigation of maps and discussion
                        on similarities and differences between structures in Croatia and Albania
  • 05.07.18 Chris Salomon - Numerical modelling of temperature-dependent stress distribution
                       in the Central and South Andes for a better understanding of intermediate depth
                       earthquakes ("Nasqua")

  • 14.06.18 Madeline Richter - Kartieren in der Mélange. Eindrücke und Ergebnisse von der
                       Kartierung zur Masterarbeit in Bajram Curri (N-Albanien)
  • 07.06.18 Kamil Ustaszewski - Rückblick auf die Albanien-Exkursion 05/2018
           - field work break -
  • 08.02.18 Robert Scheuer - Untersuchung des nördlichen Tien Shan-Vorlandes mittels
                       U/Th(He)-Datierungen am Basement des Kasachischen Ili Beckens.
  • 25.01.18 Matthias Schmitz - Structural Features of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South
  • 18.01.18 Philipp Balling & Benjamin Schmitz - "Meltdown" & "Spectre" - Informative session on
                       working-group hardware vulnerabilities

                     Georg Löwe - Preliminary results of the 2017 field campaigns at Cer
                       metamorphic core complex in central western Serbia.

  • 08.01.18 Yiqiong Zhang - A Miocene-age suturing accretionary prism separating Eurasian and
                      Philippine Sea Plate units: The Yuli Belt of Taiwan - News from the field work 11/2017.

  • 21.12.17 Mjahid Zebari - News on the latest earthquakes from the Kurdistan-Iran border area.
                      Insights from INSAR data and fault plane solutions.

  • 14.12.17 Michael Warsitzka - Characteristics of salt flow and syn-kinematic
                      sedimentary structures in extensional basins.

  • 07.12.17 Fabian Jähne-Klingberg - Deformationsanalyse und Abschätzung der Verkürzung
                      entlang des Südrandes des zentraleuropäischen Beckens bezogen auf das
  • 16.11.17 Chris Salomon - Parameter study of a 3D finite element modelling of the central
                      Andes subduction Zone.
  • 02.11.17 Philipp Balling - Tectonic vs. depositional breccias in the External Dinarides - new
                      findings from the summer 2017 field trip.
  • 26.10.17 Mjahid Zebari - Relative Landscape Maturity of Folds along the Zagros Mountain
                      Front Flexure, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.